Building municipal capacities

ADMin4ALL aims to increase the capacity of local administrations to deal with the multiple dimensions of migrant integration at the local level. This is done through a series of training activities on intercultural competences, M&E and ad-hoc topics responding to specific needs. 

Enhancing local coordination

ADMin4ALL also supports coordination within and among institutions dealing with migrant inclusion at the local level, as well as with non-state actors. To this end, pilot coordination initiatives are implemented locally to foster coordinated approaches to integration.

Sharing good practices

Beneficiary authorities are also involved in research activities and international exchanges, to identify and share good practices. In particular, peer-exchange visits are organized among project cities, to foster dialogue and cooperation on integration across Europe.

Building the capacity of municipalities for the socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable migrants in europe

Latest Events


The peer-to-peer meeting between the Municipality of Palermo and the Municipality of Heraklion took place online on 24 November 2020....
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The peer-to-peer meeting between the city of Madrid and the city of Warsaw was organized by the IOM Coordination Office...
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Social Innovation for Migrant Integration

  Watch the webinar   The spike in migrant arrivals in 2015-2016 marked a tipping point for many European cities’...
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This project is funded with the support of the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion of the European Commission