3 December 2020 10:00-12:00 (CET) / 11:00-13:00 (EET)
on-line meeting

Concluded / Concluso

A peer-to-peer meeting between the Romanian Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and the Italian Municipality of Florence took place online on 3 December 2020. It was organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in the frame of the project ADMin4ALL, to allow for mutual exchange of information and sharing of good practices on the reception and social inclusion of migrants in their respective territories.

The Municipality of Florence was represented by the Marginality and Immigration team, within the municipal Social Services directorate, who illustrated the main migration trends in Florence, whose main foreign community is precisely the Romanian, as well as the many and differentiated services provided by the municipal administration in the fields of marginality and immigration.

The city of Cluj-Napoca was represented by the Social and Medical Assistance Directorate of the municipal administration, who described the main services delivered in the area of migrant integration and social inclusion, as well as by the Local Immigration Office, a local representation of the central government with responsibility for immigration and integration alongside the municipality.

After the respective presentations, the municipal representatives debated common integration challenges, with a focus in particular on access to housing for migrants and refugees. They expressed the intention to further enhance mutual information and exchange in order to learn more from each other and better understand how to adapt and replicate some of the respective good integration practices.

The meeting was part of the EU-funded project ADMin4ALL, which aims at enhancing the capacity of local authorities across 7 EU Member States (Austria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Spain) in the area of migrant integration, including through fostering the exchange of good practices among participating municipalities, while contributing to the creation of an EU-wide community of cities committed to integration.

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