31 March 2021 14.30 - 16.30
on-line meeting

Concluded / Concluso

The 9th online peer-to-peer exchange meeting was organized on 31 March 2021 between the municipalities of Gdansk (Poland) and Venice (Italy) to discuss migrant integration challenges and good practices. The meeting, opened and moderated by IOM, saw the participation of the Director and the Deputy-Director of the respective Social Programmes and Social Cohesion departments. Both cities were also represented by municipal social workers and thematic experts, working in the area of migration and inclusion.

A large number of topics related to migrant integration were addressed during the online exchange, reflecting the main challenges each context is faced up with, in particular access to housing for vulnerable migrants. The respective delegations were composed of a variety of municipal representatives, i.e. in particular:

From Venice: Mr Luciano Marini, Director of the municipal Social Cohesion Agency; Mr Alberto Favaretto, Head of the Social Prompt Intervention, Inclusion and Mediation Service; Ms Alessandra Bastasin, Social Prompt Intervention, Inclusion and Mediation Service; Mr Ntambwe Laurent Luboya, Social Prompt Intervention, Inclusion and Mediation Service; Ms Michela Boscolo Fiore, Social Prompt Intervention, Inclusion and Mediation Service; Ms Susanna Tonetto, Social Prompt Intervention, Inclusion and Mediation Service.

From Gdansk: Ms Maria Maślak, Deputy Director of the municipal Social Programmes Department; Ms Joanna Krupadziorow, Municipal Specialist on Migration and Integration; Ms Karolina Stubińska, Head of the Centre for Migrants Support; Mr Bartosz Rief, European Solidarity Centre; Ms Małgorzata Sulińska, Social housing; Ms Elżbieta Krzykowska, Integration; Mr Marcin Męczykowski, Deputy Director of the Social Assistance Centre; Ms Magdalena Malczewska, Social Assistance Centre.

The representatives of both municipalities expressed the intention to further enhance mutual information and exchange in order to learn more from each other and better understand how to adapt and replicate some of the respective good integration practices.

The meeting was part of the EU-funded project ADMin4ALL, which aims at enhancing the capacity of local authorities across 7 EU Member States (Austria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Spain) in the area of migrant integration, including through fostering the exchange of good practices among participating municipalities, while contributing to the creation of an EU-wide community of cities committed to integration.

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