Social Innovation for Migrant Integration

24 September 2020 10:00 - 11:15 (CEST)
on-line event

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The IOM Regional Office for the EEA, the EU and NATO and the IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean – Mission to Italy & Malta

are pleased to invite you to our joint event

Social Innovation for Migrant Integration

Lessons for cities under pandemic

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When? Thursday, 24 September 2020, 10:00 – 11:15 (CEST)
Where? WebEx platform (register to get access link)


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The spike in migrant arrivals in 2015-2016 marked a tipping point for many European cities’ approach to inclusion. Faced with large numbers of newcomers with complex needs, many cities experimented with new models of service provision, including working with non-state actors and relying more heavily on communities to support the newly arrived. As a result, they have developed a fragile ecosystem of social innovation, which, however, risk crumbling under the tough economic situation and the limitations to personal interactions related to the Covid-19. Nevertheless, cities facing rising challenges in supporting vulnerable groups during these critical times, may find that this social innovation infrastructure could be the ticket to a more cost-effective and politically viable response. The pandemic could thus be a make-or-break moment for this innovative architecture for social inclusion at local level.

This peculiar context and the role of social innovation in furthering migrants’ integration at local levels will be further explored in a webinar organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on 24 September at 10:00 AM (CEST time). On this occasion, a study on Driving Migrant Inclusion through Social Innovation: Lessons for cities in a pandemic, which was conducted by the Migration Policy Institute Europe in cooperation with the IOM, will be presented and launched to the wider public. The study explores the social innovations developed in some EU municipalities since 2015-2016 in the area of migrant integration, which include innovative models of financing integration measures, inclusive strategies for engaging migrants and refugees in the design and delivery of integration services, creative approaches to community engagement, and human-centred, holistic service models.

Such models will be presented and discussed by a panel, which will include representatives from the European Commission, IOM, and the Migration Policy Institute. Key stakeholders, including local authorities and social entrepreneurs, will take part in the debate, too, to share their experience, provide practical insights into the realities of social innovation in the area of migrant integration, and assess the resilience of such innovative structures under pandemic.

The webinar is organized in the framework of the EU-funded project ADMin4ALL. The Admin4All project is being implemented by IOM in 7 EU Member States to support municipalities in coping with the challenges posed by growingly diverse urban populations.

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