Identities and integration paths of second-generation migrants in Italy

The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) released in April 2020 a new publication on the integration of second-generation migrants in Italy. The study is based on a nation-wide sample survey conducted between 2014 and 2025 and was funded by the national Ministry of the Interior, through the European Integration Fund.

More than 68 thousand first- and second-generation foreign and Italian pupils of primary and secondary school were interviewed online on a variety of topics, covering family history, school life, use of the language, housing and spare time. The survey also involved school directors and teachers on topics related to the access of foreign pupils to Italian schools and on actions aimed at favouring their school integration and education.

The publication delves into the findings of the survey and offers numerous points for reflection on potentially successful policies to facilitate migrants’ children’ full inclusion in the Italian school system and society. The final section is focused on the analysis of the results concerning the local context of the city of Naples.

The report is available only in Italian. Click on the attachment below to download it.