Polish cities sign a Declaration on internal and external migration

In Poland, local administrations are showing an increasing commitment to strengthen the services provided to migrants. This lead to the signature of the Declaration on Cities and Migrants Integration by the biggest cities in Poland.

Through this declaration, the signatory cities announced a stronger cooperation between local administration, non-governmental bodies and International Organizations in the management of migration.
Polish cities underline their common interests to manage local migration in a responsible and safe manner so as to create cities that are as socially cohesive as possible, at the same time minimizing the risks of ghettoization, disintegration, separation, poverty and exclusion of the new citizens, particularly foreigners who are especially threatened by these processes.

The declaration was greeted as a success by Emmanuelle Grange, Head of Unit Disability and Inclusion of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and by Federico Soda, Director of the IOM coordination Office for the Mediterranean, in the context of the final workshop of the AdminAll Programme in Brussels.

The cities of Poznań, Warsaw, Wroclav, Kraków and Łódź that are part of the Admin4all Programme are among the names of the signatories.
This is an outstanding outcome which reflects the goals of the project to build more sustainable and effective services and support the coordination among the local actors dealing with integration of migrants.