Building municipal capacities

Capacity building is an essential part of the Admin4All Programme. The main goal is to increase the capacity of municipal governments and other service providers at the local level, in dealing with the multiple dimensions of long-term socioeconomic inclusion of migrants in Europe.

The core of the capacity-building component is the delivery of a series of trainings mainly to municipalities, but also to other governmental and non-governmental local service providers. The goal is to increase the knowledge and improve the capacities of municipal staff on integration with a view to enhancing the inclusivity and accessibility of their social services.

An assessment of the training needs of project cities was conducted through focus groups, interviews and questionnaires. The results are reported in a scoping study, which analyzes legal and policy frameworks for delivery of social services to migrants in partner municipalities.

The capacity-building activities follow three main steps:

  1. After the needs assessment, the ADMin4ALL Training Curriculum was developed with the support of an external consultant, expert in the development of intercultural competences, and delivered to municipal social services staff in standard training sessions.
  2. Based on the characteristics of the contexts assed during the scoping phase, ad-hoc training modules were also developed and delivered in addition to the standard sessions, so as to respond more effectively to the specific training needs of selected municipalities.
  3. An M&E training course was also organized with the collaboration of the ITC-ILO, to enhance the M&E capacities of selected municipalities to assess the effectiveness of local integration measures and their impact on lon-term socioeconomic inclusion of migrants.