Enhancing local coordination

ADMin4ALL also intends to support coordination within and among institutions dealing with migrant inclusion at the local level (municipalities, the police, schools, etc.) as well as with non-state actors (including civil society, local NGOs and the private sector).

To this end, pilot coordination initiatives will be supported to enhance internal coordination among the concerned divisions of a selected institution (mainly municipalities), and/or externally with other local institutions and non-state actors.

Such initiatives are implemented in selected municipalities of all project Countries:   

  • Austria: 2 local workshops in the towns of Telfs (coordination workshop on housing for migrants) and Kufstein (coordination workshop on improved integration services);
  • Greecenational workshop to support coordination between national and local authorities for the Greek “Centers for Migrant Integration” operating at municipal level;
  • Italy1 feasibility study in Milan to support the creation of a new municipal one-stop shop for migrants with the support of an external consultant;
  • Malta1 workshop to enhance coordination between national and local authorities for the implementation of the new integration strategy;
  • Poland: 1 study on the migrant communities in Warsaw to support the implementation of the new local integration strategy;
  • Romaniastudy in Cluj-Napoca to support the municipality in identifying migrants’ skills and matching them with the needs of the local labour market;
  • Spain: development of 2 coordination mechanisms for improved integration services in Madrid and Malaga with the support of an external consulting firm.