Sharing good practices

ADMin4ALL also aims at fostering regional awareness of best practices concerning the delivery of inclusive and accessible social services to migrants. To this end, representatives of beneficiary municipalities as well as national institutions and non-state integration stakeholders, are involved in regional consultations. During such consultations, the main challenges and opportunities related to migrant integration for local authorities are discussed and the identified good practices presented and shared.

In particular, ADMin4ALL, with the support of the Migration Policy Institute, developed two research and policy papers on models of local governance of social services for migrants and on social innovation, leveraging civil society and the private sector.

To furher enhance the exchange of experience and the sharing of good practices, representatives of beneficiary municipalities and local institutions are involved in peer-exchange visits accross the seven participating EU countries. During such peer-exchange visits, a delegation of each beneficiary municipality travels to meet the municipal social policy staff of another city in a different participating country, in order to learn how municipal social services are designed, managed and delivered to migrants. They will in turn host the delegation of another city from a different project country.

For more details on the initiatives organized to share good practices, check the links below: