With the support of the Migration Policy Institute, ADMin4ALL conducted research and developed recommendations on:

  1. Models of local governance of social services for migrants
  2. Social innovation leveraging CSOs and the private sector 

The two research papers will be presented to EU Stakeholders and municipal representatives in a conference in Brussels in April 2020.

 According to research findings, the main reccomendations to improve the governance of social services for migrants at the local level are:

  • Striking a balance between targeted and mainstream services;
  • Improving coordination and collaboration within the municipality;
  • Developing a participatory integration strategy and action plan.

In order to foster social innovation through enhanced synergies with civil society and private sector, the research also recommends:

  • Addressing the needs of the most vulnerable and hardest to reach;
  • Involving communities and reshaping narratives;
  • Forming unconventional alliances including with the private sector